Service Coordination Elements

The key Service Coordination operational elements represent a holistic service process.

Service Coordination elements

All of the elements are already established in one form or another across different agencies. The terms to describe them are the terms of convenience. The Service Coordination framework aims to define them, show how they can be linked and to establish a basis of common language. Service Coordination elements are implemented in a range of ways to suit the consumer groups and service provider settings.

Initial Contact

Initial contact is the young person’s first contact with the agency. It is an important function of every agency and usually includes the provision of accurate, comprehensive service information and facilitated access toInitial Needs Identification.

Initial Needs Identification

Initial Needs Identification is a brief screening process that aims to determine the full range of social and health needs of the young person, including eligibility, priority and risk.


Assessment is a decision-making methodology that collects and interprets relevant information about the young person.

Care planning

Care planning includes discussion, negotiation and decision-making involving agencies and the young person to define goals and strategies, actions and services needed to achieve those goals.