Creating a Resume and Job Application

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How to Write a Resume

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Some of the things people have brought up so far:

  • List what you actually accomplished, rather than just the job responsibilities copy & pasted from the job description – the more detail the better, and it’s great if you can use numbers (eg. "improved sales revenue by $XXX,XXX in X months") 
  • Show your resume to 1) someone who can edit it for readability and typos and 2) someone in the industry who can advise you on trending language, keywords, and other desired skills. And proofread your resume multiple times! (spelling mistakes look very unprofessional) 
  • Include personal projects and examples of entrepreneurialism 
  • Customize your resume for each job so that only points relevant to the job you’re applying for are included, and make sure your resume includes all relevant keywords for the specific job you’re applying for 
  • Review resumes for leaders in your niche – you can find many on LinkedIn