Royal Children's Hospital (Mental Health Services)

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    About This Service

    Our services are mainly for young people aged 0-15 years and their families who live in the Western and Northwestern metropolitan regions of Melbourne. We generally see infants, children and adolescents with the most severe and complex mental illnesses. There are a range of other places you can access for mild to moderate difficulties and illnesses. See our community resources sections for children, adolescents and parents and carers more details. We also have a range of statewide services that young people up to the age of 18 may be able to use too. It is best to check with our Intake (Triage) Team to be sure.

    A general rule is if you need our help:

    • our hospital-based services (at the Emergency Department; on a ward; or as regular psychology outpatient where you may or may not have another medical condition) are available to you if you live anywhere in Victoria, Tasmania or southern New South Wales
    • our outpatient services are generally available to you if you live in our metropolitan areas listed above.

      • Service Provider

        Royal Children's Hospital

      • Service Name

        Royal Children's Hospital (Mental Health Services)

      • Service Address

        117 Warringa Crescent, Hoppers Crossing 3029

      • Phone

        (03) 8734 1650

      • Fax

        (03) 8734 1660

      • Email


      • Service Area


      • Service Hours

        9.00 am to 5.00 pm

      • Age Group

        0 - 15

      • Interpreters

      • Website

      • Service For

        Children needing assistance with mental health

      • Languages (other than English)

      • Disability Access

      • Drop In Service


      • Outreach


      • Outpost


      • Costs

      • Public Transport Information

        Bus - #166 or #167 from Hoppers Crossing train station

    More information for service providers

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      • Who Can Refer

        Self referral

  2. Royal Children's Hospital (Mental Health Services)