Initial Needs Identification

As a part of the Access and Service Coordination Project the Initial Need Identification (INI) Tool has been developed for agencies and schools working with young people in Wyndham and Hobsons Bay. The purpose of the INI Tool is to support the agencies and schools undertaking INI to screen for health and social risk and determine the need for further action. In consultation with the young person, further action may include:

  • Provision of information
  • Referral to appropriate service
  • Assessment and service provision

The INI tool has been developed based on SCTT INI Tool, the No Wrong Door INI Tool, and consultations with a broad range of agencies, schools and young people in Wyndham and Hobsons Bay. The INI Tool will help to gather information across various life areas, building a broader picture around the young person’s presenting issue. Using the INI Tool will also mean that the young person will not have to repeat their story – a common barrier for young people accessing services.

In addition, the agreed principles and practices have been documented and outlined in the Initial Needs Identification (INI) Process Protocol. Both the INI Tool and the Protocol can be downloaded below:

Initial Needs Identification (INI) Tool
Initial Needs Identification (INI) Tool

The INI Tool, which is to be used in accordance with the INI Process Protocol.

Initial Needs Identification (INI) Process Protocol
Initial Needs Identification (INI) Process Protocol

The protocol which informs how the INI Tool is to be used. The protocol aims to enhance service coordination and provide consistent practice in the early identification of young people at risk.

Youth Services Directory

The Youth Directory has been developed to support the INI process and to help identify support services that are available in the local areas of Wyndham.

For more information visit Youth Services Directory.