Youth Partnerships

There are two other Youth Partnerships Projects currently underway in Wyndham and Hobsons Bay:

In School Support Project

The aim of the In School Support Project is to refine current school systems or develop new systems for schools to better identify, assess, provide support and services for children and young people at risk of disengaging from education, family and/or community.

Four schools (two primary and two secondary schools) are participating in the project which will see up to 80 students provided with case management over a 12 month period. This will not only support those students involved in the case management but will provide valuable information about the real issues faced by young people and their reasons for disengaging from education. Over the life of the project as information is gathered from students and school staff, project staff will work with the schools to trial new ways of working with students to ensure engagement. The pilot will inform an evaluation of what's working currently in schools and potential areas for improvement. This aspect will comprise an analysis and evaluation of the introduced case management processes, including a SWOT/needs analysis of the needs, gaps, unmet needs, as well as successes and challenges of the processes used. It will conclude with the recommendations for  models to consolidate and integrate the education and youth support systems in order to better address the issues faced by vulnerable young people.

This project is being undertaken by Wynbay LLEN in partnership with Westgate Community Initiatives Group (WCIG). For further information about this project please contact:

Neeta D’Souza 


Alternative Education Options Project

The aim of the Alternative Education Options Project is to produce a business case and  proposed models for alternative education in the Wyndham and Hobsons Bay areas.

The Alternative Education Options Project will:

  • Investigate world’s best practice options for alternative education options for young people aged 10-18 years of age
  • Consult widely with local schools and health and community services to establish the need and potential local level interventions
  • Provide a report on current pathways for children and young people which identifies enablers and barriers to support children and young people to remain engaged or to re-engage in education. This will include a number of case studies to support the findings.
  • Develop a report outlining a proposed model suited to the Wyndham and Hobsons Bay municipalities including options for utilising existing funding to implement such a model

The project is being led by Wynbay LLEN.  For further information about this project please contact:

Neeta D’Souza